Aqua Shield Pool Safety Nets

Developed in South Africa in 1972 Pool nets have proven themselves to be the most versatile and effective pool safety device, used and trusted by thousands of South Africans over the last three decades and now exported to approving pool owners worldwide. It can stop an accident from happening. Even if children are capable of opening a door or climbing a fence, with our net in place they will not gain access to the swimming pool.

The Aquashield pool net is lightweight, very quick and easy to remove and replace, we are positive that even the littlest of moms can handle the net on their own. For example a 12m x 6m net only weighs around 7.5kgs.

We can custom fit our pool net to any size or shape swimming pool. Spas, children's pools, overflows, rocks and waterfalls are no problem. Blue and black netting is available so your water features can also be secure, and your fish can be safe from predators.

The squares are 10cm, that is small enough to keep a babies head from the water yet large enough to discourage children from crawling or walking on the net. The mesh has been designed to be uncomfortable and even abrasive for a child to move on, with the idea to deter any further crawling on the net. The net is anchored every 75cm approximately making it impossible for your young child to remove the net or crawl under the net from any place. A net that is in good condition, properly positioned and tensioned can easily support the weight of a young child near the pool's edge. This offers you total security and peace of mind.

One of the most persuasive advantage of using a pool safety net, over any other kind of pool safety device is that the pleasure of your pool is not detracted from by jail-like walls or fencing to ensure safety. A pool net is an attractive, versatile and very safe option in preventing pool accidents. Fencing can be left open to human error, gates left unsecured or even garden furniture can be left nearby creating the perfect ladder for a young child, once through the fencing the waters edge is easily reachable. Pool alarms send you a warning that the water has been disturbed yet as it only takes a few minutes to drown those precious seconds between the alarm sounding and retrieving the child could be a matter of life and death.

We manufacture our pool netting from super strong high density polythene braid specially UV treated to withstand the harshest climatic conditions and to be completely resistant against pool chemicals. We use only the best raw materials from established and reputable suppliers. The net comes with a no nonsense 3 year guarantee from the manufacturer. For full details please view the terms and conditions.

There has been NO drownings or near drownings where the Aquashield pool safety net has been properly secured over a swimming pool.

Please remember that a pool safety net is an aid to prevent children from entering the swimming pool, nothing can replace parental supervision.

Aquashield Advantages

Easy on - Easy off
The Aquashield net is takes around 5 minutes to remove and to reinstall, the net is lightweight and simple to fi t making it easy for any mum by herself to use.
Convenient access to the pool for adults
We can cover any shape and size swimming pool with our Aquashield net. The net is custom made on site to fit snugly over the total pool area including any waterfalls, children’s pools and spas.
Total security and peace of mind
With an Aquashield pool net properly installed a child cannot gain access to the water by climbing over or under the net. The net can support the weight a child, they will be uncomfortable yet breathing air and able to cry out for help.
Pool and garden area ambience maintained
The pleasure of your pool and surrounding garden ambience is not detracted by an Aquashield safety net as it can be with a fence or wall structure.
Black netting available for water features
Ponds, rockeries and waterfalls can also be a hazard, we have black netting that protects your water feature and its valuable contents without ruining the ambience.
3 year guarantee
Manufactured to the highest standards by an established and reputable supplier for over 20 years, we offer a no nonsense guarantee.

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Product Information

Easy Pull system: To make the installing of the net simple and easy for adults we have an easy pulley and ratchet system. The self locking ratchet helps tighten the net through the tensioning system with less effort.

Anchors: The net is secured to the surrounding paving with stainless steel hooks anchored into neat, round keyhole slotted anchors not plastic, they won't rust, break or become brittle in the sun. We have the choice of two types of anchors:

Stainless steel plates that are almost flush with the paving and have no sharp protruding bits so you won't stub your toes or hurt your feet. The benefit of this less expensive option is that the plates can easily be cleaned if they become clogged with debris.

Brass counter sunk anchors that are totally flat with the paving and less detectable to the eye. They offer a more exclusive look.

Tensioning system: We provide built in pulley tensioners where required in the net to ensure even tension all around the perimeter and to facilitate the easy handling of the net.

The netting: Each net has been pre shrunken - it will never stretch or shrink. The knots and the joints on the edge of the netting is heat welded to prevent the net from fraying.

Quality Guarantee

Our nets are made from special UV stabilized high-density polyethylene mono-filament and is completely chemical resistant. The mono-filaments are braided to form a super strong flexible cord with a breaking strength of approximately 160 kg (350 lbs.) which is then used to construct the netting panels. The cord is braided with 16 strands, each strand has 4 x 600 denier mono-filaments and is available in blue or black as standard colors.

Floats: A float can be fitted to the centre of the tensioning system if required. The float helps ensure the distance between the water level and the net is maintained even after rainfall or filling of the pool.