Automatic Pool Covers

We bring you a revolution in pool convenience and safety with our state-of-the-art Automatic Pool Covers. Designed to seamlessly integrate technology, aesthetics, and functionality, our covers offer a new dimension to pool ownership, providing ease of use, enhanced safety, and a touch of modern luxury. This range of systems is approved by the Norm NF P 90-308 being homologated in France by the Laboratoire Pourquery Lyon.

We offer 2 ranges of slatted safety covers ( Above-ground and Submerged ) both of them presenting the following advantages:

Above Ground Systems

Manually Operated
This system is operated by means of a crank. It is a simple and effective cover that allows you to protect your pool with a minimum investment and without losing the possibility of evolving to other models. This is the most economical way to keep your pool protected.
Iberia Blue Swimming Pool Builders Lagos, Algarve Portugal
Automatic Cover Open Cover
Thanks to the motorization, you can effortlessly protect your pool, save energy and keep the water crystal clear every day. This cover was specially designed for great comfort of use.
Iberia Blue Swimming Pool Builders Lagos, Algarve Portugal
Automatic Cover with Box Housing
Your pool deserves the best. That's why we created this model with a guard for greater longevity of the roof slats. Elegant and practical, this system not only protects your pool but also the integrity of your equipment.
Iberia Blue Swimming Pool Builders Lagos, Algarve Portugal
Automatic Cover with box housing - Solar Powered
No more cable routing and electrical connections. With no need for civil construction work and powered by free solar energy, this system (a friend of nature) protects your pool and ensures your well-being.
Iberia Blue Swimming Pool Builders Lagos, Algarve Portugal

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Submerged Systems:

Motor Inside Axel
Electromechanical system with the motor on shaft. This cover model allows the installation can be performed at different depths not taking up useful space pool. It is the simplest model and economical for concrete pools. This model is highly durable and low maintenance, associated with ease of use and comfort protect the pool without causing any inconvenience, whether of an aesthetic nature, whether functional.
Iberia Blue Swimming Pool Builders Lagos, Algarve Portugal
Dry Motor
Electromechanical system with the engine placed sideways. System for use in swimming pools that have a hole for the roof and another for the engine. In great durability, easy to use and low maintenance, this system, completely hidden, protects your pool without interfering in the environment that surrounds it.
Iberia Blue Swimming Pool Builders Lagos, Algarve Portugal

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We redefine pool ownership with innovation and elegance. Our Automatic Pool Covers combine cutting-edge technology with timeless design, offering you a solution that enhances safety, convenience, and the overall enjoyment of your pool. Contact Us today to explore the world of effortless elegance and safety with our Automatic Pool Covers. Trust Iberia Blue for a pool experience that's both sophisticated and stress-free.