Pool Cover with Safety Bars

Discover a harmonious blend of safety and sophistication with our premium pool covers featuring integrated safety bars. At Iberia Blue , we prioritize the well-being of your loved ones while enhancing the aesthetics of your pool area. Explore our range of pool covers designed to not only protect but also elevate your pool environment.

We believe in creating a safer and more beautiful pool environment. Explore our selection of pool covers with safety bars, designed to exceed your expectations in terms of functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Prioritize safety without compromising style – because your pool deserves the best. Contact Us to discover how our pool covers with safety bars can redefine safety and elegance in your pool space. Trust Iberia Blue for a safer, more enjoyable aquatic experience.


Protection tensioning system and hold-down system along the edges keep your pool completely free of dust, leaves and other debris.

Weighing only 550 gr/m2, it has a tensile strength of 5,100 kg per m2. Because it is ultralight, it is easier to handle and offers better abrasion resistance.

Its completely opaque webbing means less chemicals are needed.

Easy opening and closing: only three ratchets are needed for a 5.50 x 12 m cover.
Meets French standard NF P90-308 with 3-year warranty. Quick and easy installation. Two interchangeable abrasion resistant strips underneath the cover protect it from damage from coping edges.
Less evaporation. Improved heat balance for longer pool use at less cost. Cleaner water. It replaces in an advantageous way the need for a solar cover in summer and a safety fence or device
Easy to use: opens with a hand crank. Close it and forget it: the pull strap makes closing the pool cover easy. Once closed and locked, your pool is completely safe. Average times: closing: 2 minutes, opening: 3 minutes.

See What Our Clients Are Saying

"Pool Safety is no Accident"

Manufactured from a highly resistant textile membrane of PVC coated polyester. Treated with an anti-fungus and anti-dirt coating on both sides. The cover is strengthened by high grade anodized aluminum bars placed across the width of the pool on the underside of the cover.

The cover is secured by straps running the length of the pool. Fixed to the surrounding terrace with retractable stainless steel pins at one end and with ratchets to ensure the cover is pulled taut. Available in blue/beige, green/beige or beige/beige Also available is a LIGHT version of the safety cover. The Light Safety Covers works with two bars of anodized aluminum on the top edge of the pool.

There is no substitute for adult supervision, safeguards and barriers around the pool can aid in the prevention of accidents. This pool cover neither replaces common sense or individual responsibility.