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Guided by a legacy of expertise, our team transforms your vision into reality
with a seamless and enjoyable process

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Of experience in constructing concrete swimming pools in Portugal, we can offer you quality pool designs with the strongest concrete structures available on the Market.

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Transform your vision into reality with a
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Guided by a legacy of expertise, our team transforms your vision into an enjoyable process.
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Attention to detail, craftsmanship, and innovation to create a personalized aquatic haven.
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Our professionals ensure that each phase is executed with precision and efficiency.
Every project is a testament to our passion for surpassing expectations.
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Journey with a budgeting approach that reflects both precision and value.
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Your questions are met with enthusiasm and expertise, reflecting our commitment.
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Natural Pebble

The serene beauty of Natural Pebble Pools, where the essence of nature meets the tranquility of your aquatic sanctuary. Our Natural Pebble pool finishes bring an organic touch to your swimming oasis, creating a harmonious blend of aesthetics and natural allure.
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Swimming Pool Covers

Manually Operated
This system is operated by means of a crank. It is a simple and effective cover that allows you to protect your pool with a minimum investment and without losing the possibility of evolving to other models. This is the most economical way to keep your pool protected.
Iberia Blue Swimming Pool Builders Lagos, Algarve Portugal
Automatic Cover Open Cover
Thanks to the motorization, you can effortlessly protect your pool, save energy and keep the water crystal clear every day. This cover was specially designed for great comfort of use.
Iberia Blue Swimming Pool Builders Lagos, Algarve Portugal
Automatic Cover with Box Housing
Your pool deserves the best. That's why we created this model with a guard for greater longevity of the roof slats. Elegant and practical, this system not only protects your pool but also the integrity of your equipment.
Iberia Blue Swimming Pool Builders Lagos, Algarve Portugal
Automatic Cover with box housing - Solar Powered
No more cable routing and electrical connections. With no need for civil construction work and powered by free solar energy, this system (a friend of nature) protects your pool and ensures your well-being.
Iberia Blue Swimming Pool Builders Lagos, Algarve Portugal
Motor Inside Electromechanical System
Electromechanical system with the motor on shaft. This cover model allows the installation can be performed at different depths not taking up useful space pool. It is the simplest model and economical for concrete pools. This model is highly durable and low maintenance, associated with ease of use and comfort protect the pool without causing any inconvenience, whether of an aesthetic nature, whether functional.
Iberia Blue Swimming Pool Builders Lagos, Algarve Portugal
Dry Motor Electromechanical System
Electromechanical system with the engine placed sideways. System for use in swimming pools that have a hole for the roof and another for the engine. In great durability, easy to use and low maintenance, this system, completely hidden, protects your pool without interfering in the environment that surrounds it.
Iberia Blue Swimming Pool Builders Lagos, Algarve Portugal

Pool Safety Solutions

Pool Fences
Our transparent mesh pool fence creates a barrier between your house and your swimming pool while still allowing a clear view of your pool. They are easily removable in minutes by an adult any time that children will not be present yet most pool owners leave their removable pool fence in place if there is any possibility of unwanted access by young children.
Pool Covers
Discover a harmonious blend of safety and sophistication with our premium pool covers featuring integrated safety bars. At Iberia Blue, we prioritize the well-being of your loved ones while enhancing the aesthetics of your pool area. Explore our range of pool covers designed to not only protect but also elevate your pool environment.
Pool Nets
Developed in South Africa in 1972 Pool nets have proven themselves to be the most versatile and effective pool safety device, used and trusted by thousands of South Africans over the last three decades and now exported to approving pool owners worldwide. It can stop an accident from happening. Even if children are capable of opening a door or climbing a fence, with our net in place they will not gain access to the swimming pool.

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