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Our transparent mesh pool fence creates a barrier between your house and your swimming pool while still allowing a clear view of your pool. They are easily removable in minutes by an adult any time that children will not be present yet most pool owners leave their removable pool fence in place if there is any possibility of unwanted access by young children.
Iberia Blue Swimming Pool Builders Lagos, Algarve Portugal
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Discover a harmonious blend of safety and sophistication with our premium pool covers featuring integrated safety bars. At Iberia Blue, we prioritize the well-being of your loved ones while enhancing the aesthetics of your pool area. Explore our range of pool covers designed to not only protect but also elevate your pool environment.
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Developed in South Africa in 1972 Pool nets have proven themselves to be the most versatile and effective pool safety device, used and trusted by thousands of South Africans over the last three decades and now exported to approving pool owners worldwide. It can stop an accident from happening. Even if children are capable of opening a door or climbing a fence, with our net in place they will not gain access to the swimming pool.
Can you give me a color brochure for painting at home?
Pool alarms represent the last line of defense. Pool alarms work great in combination with our pool fences and pool covers. Pool alarms will sound an alarm at the pool and inside of your home should a child ever fall into your pool. Some pool alarms are even portable, so you can protect a child at unfamiliar pools that you are visiting.
Iberia Blue Swimming Pool Builders Lagos, Algarve Portugal
How much do roofing services charge?
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