Swimming Pool Construction

Whether you are looking for a classic roman shape or a freeform to fit an awkward garden, we can design a swimming pool that fits your exact specifications. Natural Jacuzzis that blends into your garden landscape or overflowing into your main swimming pool, overflows into children's pools, waterfalls, natural rock features, along with many other features are available.

As with all faucets of life… foundation is the key….All the swimming pools constructed by Iberia Blue are built using projected concrete over steel formwork cage. Creating a monolithic structure by utilizing projected concrete in a single action we remove the need for shuttering and therefore there is no requirement of a joint around the base of the pool.

We can design a swimming pool that fits your exact specifications

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This method of construction is known to produce a stronger concrete shell yet also offers total freedom in design and is quicker than the standard block and shutter technique. Our interior finishes are hand applied by specialized applicators with years of experience.

The pebble and crystal bead is sourced from all over the world, with some of our range coming from as far as Australia and New Zealand. The technique of a pebble finish in swimming pools was started in Australia over 20 years ago and it is estimated that over 90% of pools in Australia have this type of interior finish.

The pebble is mixed with quartz and cement and hand applied to the prepared concrete shell. When the material is nearly dry the pebbles are exposed by washing the top layer of cement off. Leaving a smooth yet non slip finish.

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Concrete Spraying

Gunite is known to be one of the strongest methods of building concrete structures. Is naturally resistant to heat, water and chemicals and can be easily shaped which is ideal for swimming pool construction both large and small.

This technique involves the pneumatically projected application of concrete onto the pool's structural framework, creating a durable and seamless shell. The process begins with the preparation of a high-quality concrete mix, which typically includes cement, aggregates, and water. This mixture is then pneumatically propelled through a hose using compressed air to the nozzle, where it is mixed with water.

The resulting wet concrete is sprayed onto the pool's framework or excavated surface at high velocity, adhering tightly to the contours and shapes. One of the key advantages of pool concrete spraying is its adaptability to various pool designs and shapes. This technique allows for the creation of intricate and customized pool structures, providing flexibility in meeting the specific requirements and preferences of pool owners. The sprayed concrete forms a thick, solid layer that adheres tightly to the pool's structure, resulting in a strong and durable pool shell.

The application process is swift, enabling the construction or renovation of pools in a relatively short timeframe compared to traditional construction methods. This efficiency not only saves time but also reduces labor costs, making pool concrete spraying a cost-effective solution for pool construction projects.
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