8 Amazing Pool Designs Owners Are Loving for 2024


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Water has always had a certain mesmerizing allure. When incorporated into pool designs, water features make for a more dynamic and soothing experience, transforming a body of still water into something that flows with life. Water features have indeed cemented their place in modern pool design, and for good reason. 

They provide several levels of sensory stimulation:

  • Cascading Waterfalls: Cascading waterfalls, which are sometimes made with natural stones or modern architectural components, offer a dramatic effect to pools. The constant flow of water produces a striking visual focal point while also providing a rhythmic sound that many people find relaxing.
  • Tranquil Rain Curtains: These are sheer, straight-down water features that are frequently installed at the pool’s edge or as part of an elevated spa. The steady fall of water, suggestive of mild rain, adds a sense of calm to the environment.
  • Bubbling Fountains: Typically smaller in size than other elements, bubbling fountains add a fun element. They can be used in shallow places, tanning ledges, or even spa areas. The smooth bubbling sound, combined with their visual attractiveness, may elevate any pool.
  • Water features also have a practical purpose. The constant velocity of water aids in water circulation, keeping the pool water fresh and lowering the likelihood of algae formation.

Iberia Blue recognizes this growing trend and provides customized solutions that allow homeowners to easily incorporate dynamic water features, changing their pools from basic swimming areas to exquisite getaways. With the correct water feature, a pool can become a dynamic focal point of any backyard, transporting you to a realm of tranquility with the sights and sounds of flowing water.



Iberia Blue Swimming Pool Builders Lagos, Algarve Portugal

The magic of lighting can change any area, and the possibilities are even more enticing when it comes to pools. Pool lighting has evolved significantly, and it is now about more than just visibility; it is about defining an atmosphere, creating ambience, and making a design statement.

  • LED Brilliance: LED pool lights are revolutionary. They are not only energy-efficient, but they also come in a variety of colors, allowing homeowners to switch between tranquil blues, passionate reds, and even brilliant greens with the press of a button. Their lifespan frequently outlasts that of standard lights, making them both a sustainable and versatile option.
  • Lighting Sequences: Modern pool lighting systems allow homeowners to create dramatic light sequences. Sequenced patterns provide movement and drama to the pool’s visual appeal, whether it’s a smooth transition between hues or a more fast change for a vibrant impression.
  • Synchronized Music-Light Shows: To elevate the pool party, some complex lighting systems may be synchronized with music, resulting in a synchronised dance of lights that move to the beats. This feature is especially popular among homeowners who enjoy entertaining, as it transforms the pool area into a pulsating hub of activity.

Beyond the pool, strategic lighting surrounding the pool area, such as spotlighting for water features, backlit steps, or LED planters, can improve the overall nighttime aesthetics of the entire backyard environment.



Iberia Blue Swimming Pool Builders Lagos, Algarve Portugal

The allure of fire has always captivated human imagination. When thoughtfully merged with the tranquil properties of water, it creates an environment that is nothing short of magical. As homeowners seek innovative ways to amplify the appeal of their outdoor spaces, the integration of fire pits in pool designs emerges as a compelling choice, and the trend shows no sign of warning in 2024.

Pool fire pits’ adaptability makes them ideal for strategic placement. Some homeowners choose in-pool fire bowls that rest beautifully on pedestals and create a hypnotic dance of flames right on the water. Others use fire pits along the pool’s edge or on nearby patios to illuminate the pool area and provide a comfortable meeting zone.

Various Designs: There is a fire pit to suit every aesthetic style, from rustic stone fire bowls to slick modern designs. Some use glass beads or lava rocks, which offer visual appeal as the flames erupt from these materials.

Function and Ambience: While the atmosphere is unquestionably appealing, pool fire pits also serve a useful purpose. They give warmth on cooler Brisbane evenings, allowing homeowners and their guests to recline by the pool comfortably, extending the usability of the outdoor space beyond simply the hot months.

First and foremost, incorporating fire near a water element necessitates careful design and experience. Modern fire pits are built with safety in mind, so they may be enjoyed without worry. Proper ventilation, heat-resistant materials, and automated igniting systems all contribute to a worry-free experience.


Iberia Blue Swimming Pool Builders Lagos, Algarve Portugal

Tanning ledges have evolved as one of the most sought-after pool elements in an era where relaxation and luxury blend to offer the ideal outdoor experience. These sun shelves, which are perfectly suited for sitting and basking, have piqued the interest of homeowners looking to enrich their poolside moments. When we get into the details, it’s clear why tanning ledges are becoming increasingly popular.

Tanning ledges, often known as “Baja shelves” or “sun shelves,” can be customized to match various pool forms and sizes. The design possibilities are endless, whether it’s a huge ledge spanning the width of the pool or a smaller, private place for just one or two loungers.

Furniture Integration: The inclusion of appropriate furniture brings out the actual beauty of a tanning ledge. In-pool loungers or sunbeds, which are specifically created for these ledges, provide maximum comfort as you relax. Some even have beverage holders, ensuring that your favorite beverage is always within reach.

Beyond the apparent relaxation benefits, tanning ledges provide practical benefits for families. Because of their shallow depth, they provide a safe sanctuary for toddlers and young children, allowing them to splash and play while being supervised. They can become acquainted with the water in a controlled setting before venturing into deeper portions.

Spa-Like Experience: Using features such as umbrella sleeves, homeowners can offer shade directly over their sunbathing ledge, creating a resort-like experience. The combination of sun, shade, and water creates a relaxing haven reminiscent of high-end resorts.



Iberia Blue Swimming Pool Builders Lagos, Algarve Portugal

Infinity pools, also known as “negative edge” or “vanishing edge” pools, have graced the backyards of luxury residences for years, and their fascination never seems to fade. These pools are more than just a water feature; they are a statement of elegance and grandeur. They are a perfect blend of engineering accuracy and aesthetic beauty. Let’s look at the ongoing allure of infinity pools and why Brisbane residents are still drawn to its hypnotic beauty.

Unrivaled Views: Infinity pools are typically created for residences with breathtaking views, such as the enormous metropolitan skyline, placid ocean expanses, or peaceful countryside. The disappearing edge creates the appearance that the water perfectly merges with the horizon, increasing the perspective and providing a beautiful picture.

Sophisticated Engineering: A complex engineering achievement lies behind the attractive illusion. Water runs over the pool’s edge into a catch basin, then back into the pool. This constant flow not only produces the ‘infinity’ illusion, but it also promotes proper water circulation.

Elevated Luxury: An infinity pool quickly improves the aesthetics and market value of a property. It’s more than simply a pool; it’s an architectural marvel that represents elegance, class, and refinement.

Environmental Harmony: Because of its seamless shape, infinity pools generally fit seamlessly with their surroundings. The pool’s surface embodies the essence of nature’s ever-changing canvas, whether it’s reflecting the azure blue of the sky or the blazing hues of a sunset.

Space Perception: The vanishing border of an infinity pool can distort the perception of space, making it appear larger than it is. This is especially useful for residences with limited backyard area but a spectacular view to take advantage of.



Iberia Blue Swimming Pool Builders Lagos, Algarve Portugal

Modern pool design has always been about combining luxury and functionality. What better example of this than the seamless integration of spa zones into the pool area? As Brisbane residents strive to make the most of their outside areas, the concept of merging relaxing zones has grown in popularity. Here’s why integrated spa retreats are quickly becoming a must-have for discerning homeowners:

Homeowners can get the best of both worlds with an integrated spa retreat. They can start with an energizing swim in the main pool area and then relax in the neighboring spa. This dual experience provides a complete aquatic getaway in the privacy of one’s own backyard.

Integrated spas make perfect sense for households with limited backyard space. Instead of separate installations that take up more room, the spa is masterfully integrated into the pool design, ensuring optimal space utilization without sacrificing aesthetics or performance.

The smooth design transition is one of the prominent elements of integrated spa getaways. Modern fixtures guarantee that the spa does not appear to be an afterthought. Instead, it’s expertly built to blend in with the general architecture of the pool, frequently including shared water features, lighting, or seating arrangements.

While pools are fantastic for exercise and enjoyment, spas are well-known for their therapeutic benefits. The health advantages of a spa are numerous, ranging from easing sore muscles to promoting better sleep and reducing stress. Having quick access to these perks, just a few feet from the pool, is a luxury that many homeowners value.

While pools may be seasonal for some, especially in slightly cooler locations, spas can be enjoyed all year. Because they are heated, they are ideal for chilly evenings, allowing homeowners to make the most of their outside space all year.

Value Addition: From a real estate standpoint, integrated spa zones can greatly increase the value of a home. They provide a distinct selling factor by emphasizing luxury and thoughtful design, allowing properties to stand out in a competitive market.



Iberia Blue Swimming Pool Builders Lagos, Algarve Portugal

Some Algarve residents may be limited in space, but that hasn’t stopped them from dreaming of a little backyard luxury. Pool design has developed to recognize that size isn’t the only factor of opulence. Enter the era of mini pools, expertly engineered to accommodate smaller locations while yet offering high-end features. Here’s a closer look at this emerging trend:

Maximum Functionality: Modern tiny pools are proof of intelligent design. Despite their modest size, these pools may perform a variety of duties. Every inch is meticulously utilized, from built-in resistance jets that cater to keen swimmers, transforming the pool into a workout zone, to integrated seating ideal for leisurely dips.

Aesthetic Mastery: A smaller space does not have to imply sacrificing beauty. Compact pools, by design, frequently end up being magnificent focal centers. Their small size enables rich workmanship, distinctive shapes, and eye-catching features that would be overpowering in larger pools.

Economic Advantages: Compact pools can be more cost effective, not only in terms of building but also in terms of maintenance. They need fewer chemicals, water, and energy to heat, making them an environmentally friendly and cost-effective option.

Versatility in Design: Whether it’s a plunge pool for quick dips, a lap pool for fitness aficionados, or a spa pool combo, compact pool design has a wide range of options. They can be adjusted to the homeowner’s exact wants and desires, ensuring that even with limited space, dreams are not stifled.



Iberia Blue Swimming Pool Builders Lagos, Algarve Portugal

As our homes grow more technologically integrated, delivering both convenience and an improved lifestyle, it was only a matter of time before our backyards caught up. The smart pool revolution has come, and it is changing the way Brisbane residents interact with, manage, and enjoy their aquatic havens. Let us look deeper into the digital transformation that is sweeping our pools:

Automated Maintenance: Manual skimming and vacuuming are slowly becoming obsolete. Today’s smart pools include automated cleaning systems that detect dirt and keep every inch of the pool clean. Some advanced systems even use predictive analytics to detect potential problems and propose solutions before they become serious.

Personalised Ambience: Gone are the days of a one-size-fits-all lighting system. Homeowners can now change the tone of their pool with the touch of a finger thanks to remote-controlled and app-driven lighting options. Personalization is key, whether it’s a tranquil blue for a relaxing evening swim or a spectacular multi-color display for a backyard party.

Energy-Efficient Heating: Smart pools are not only convenient; they are also environmentally friendly. Advanced heating systems can now be programmed to work during off-peak hours, reducing energy consumption and power expenses.

Integrated Safety Features: As technology advances, so does safety. Some smart pools include safety warnings that notify homeowners if there is unexpected motion in the water, adding an extra degree of protection, particularly for families with children.

Integration with Smart Homes: Today’s pools may integrate with larger home automation systems. Consider having your pool’s water features controlled by voice, or having your pool lights sync with your home’s outside lighting for a unified design.

Smart pools are an example of how technology can improve our quality of life by providing not just luxury but also efficiency, safety, and peace of mind.


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